Jewellery Photography Solutions That Automate Image Capture

Ortery manufactures professional jewellery photography equipment in which software controls every step in the product shot workflow. Best camera, lighting, editing and turntable settings can be reused to increase photography speed and consistency. Jewellers use our light boxes and turntable equipment in house to take professional focus stacked images, interactive 360s, videos and 3D animations of rings, hanging necklaces, loose diamonds, gemstones, bracelets, watches and more.

Get Your Jewellery Products Online, Fast

Aside from your design, you’re judged solely on the belief that the quality of the photographs depicting the jewellery on your site is accurate and that “The picture does the product justice”.

For jewellery stores and eCommerce shops with little or no photography experience, our modern jewellery photography systems make taking professional shots of necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, loose diamonds and more – a reality.

A tablet computer showing a web page for a smart watch

With Image Capture and Product Display Options for Still, 360 and 3D, Ortery Gives You the Flexibility to Let Your Jewellery Stand Out

Software Controlled Jewellery Photography

Our integrated product photography equipment and software help small to large jewellery businesses streamline their photography workflow. Users can take 100’s of professional product shots per day with exceptional quality and consistency – inhouse – then utilize them for any application including eCommerce, product development, quality control and more

A desktop computer tethered to a camera. The camera is taking pictures of a ring in a jewellery photography lightbox

We Know Jewellery Photography

Ortery has pioneered photography automation in the jewellery industry. Working with professional jewelers, jewellery designers, eCommerce stores and appraisers, Ortery has created software enhancements that help merchandise your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.

Still and 360 for Jewellery & Loose Stones

Ortery has a full lineup of solutions for any of your jewellery and loose stone products that include 360 and 3D light boxes, designed specifically for photographing jewellery and precious stones.

PhotoBench 80 Air Jewellery Light Box

3D PhotoBench 80 Air

PhotoBench 80 Jewellery Light Box

3D PhotoBench 80

Important Features for Jewellery Photography

High Quality Images on a Pure White Background


  • This all-in-one jewellery photography studio features a built-in transparent turntable and dimmable LED lighting (from all 6 sides) to make creating professional still shots, 360 product views and product videos simple and efficient.
  • Automatically knock out backgrounds during the photography process.
A jewellery photography lightbox with a engagement ring inside

Stunning 360 Views

  • Capture your designs in their best light.
  • Give your customers the satisfaction of seeing the entire product from all angles.
  • Designed with jewellery in mind, our hardware provides the best environment to get the right image. From lighting to rotation, take advantage of the turntable and extend your users viewing capabilities.

Create Your Own Videos


In the jewellery industry, more and more companies are using product videos to communicate the value of their products. Videos provide a smooth, clear product view. Ortery equipment and software work together to make them easy to create and deploy.

Loose Diamond & Gemstone Photography

A top view and side view of a diamond against a dark baclground

Fire, Brilliance and Sparkle
Easily capture the fire, brilliance and sparkle of a loose diamond with our 3D PhotoBench Air and 80 Air solutions. Macro photography techniques and lighting are used to capture photographs and 360 degree diamond views which can be automatically saved to the cloud for sharing and hosting. Customers and appraisers can click between views and with interactive deep zoom, they can quickly ascertain the unique characteristics of each diamond.

a top view of a red gemstone

Hearts and Arrows
One way to show the value of a loose diamond is to show its Hearts and Arrows. The PhotoBench 80 Air and PhotoBench Air can both be used to capture this facet of a diamond’s character.

360 Hanging & Fan Style

Many jewellery pieces are meant to hang naturally. By photographing items such as necklaces, earrings and pendants as they hang, a more consistent and natural look can be achieved.

Creating 360 degree product views of hanging jewellery can be extremely difficult due to vibration and oscillation. Ortery’s 360 Jewellery turntable is specifically designed to reduce vibration and the back and forth swing of hanging necklaces, earrings and pendants to deliver excellent 360 degree results in fast times.


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