Photograph Food and Grocery Product Images

Capture perfect photos of your grocery inventory for use in your catalog or eCommerce website. Our hardware and software syncs up with your workflow to streamline your process. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views, capture your images with Ortery – perfect, every time.

Grocery and Supermarket Promotion and Flyers. Easy.


There was a time when milk was delivered to your door. Those days are back. With the proliferation of a health conscience and time strapped generation, home delivery of produce, groceries and specialty items have become part of everyday life. Show the vibrancy of your products through vivid HD photos that will have consumers filling up their shopping baskets.

Inventory turnover and new products are being created daily. Be the first to market with these great food products and be the go-to store for shoppers looking for the latest and greatest online grocery finds. Coupon clippers will be all over your weekly flyers filled with your very own in-house photography.

Ortery offers turnkey solutions for creating professional still, 360, 360 video and 3D product views. The combination of hardware and software built for the purpose of streamlining product photography results in easy to use photography solutions that increase productivity as well as offer unique, interactive product presentations.

We Know Groceries

With over 10,000+ customers, Ortery has pioneered photo automation in the grocery industry, working with marketers and merchandisers to make sure that your photos not only look amazing but reach the customers in record time, be it the web or printed flyers.


Grocery Photography Features

  • Software-driven
  • Take Web-ready Photos on Pure White
  • Consistent Angle Shots
  • Re-use Best Light & Camera Settings
  • Batch Editing & Image Processing
  • Create Still, 360, Video & 3D Product Views

Ouput Examples

Important Features for Photographing Groceries

  • One program controls everything: Lighting, camera settings, image capture, editing and batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • The right light & lighting control
  • Take Web-ready product shots on pure white
  • Take product shots with transparent backgrounds
  • Create 360, hemi or full spherical product shots on pure white. View them on any device
  • Create stunning 360-degree product videos
  • AfterImage – Use previous images to align future images
  • Automatic Focus Stacking ensures every pixel is in focus
  • Multiple Camera Control
  • Make Custom Defined Workflows for repeatedly capturing a fixed sequence unique angles
  • Full Camera Control –Real time preview, aperture, shutter & more
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support

Recommended Products

3D PhotoBench 280

PhotoBench 120

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