LED Office PhotoStudio - 3D280

Pack Shots and 360 Spins on Pure White Backgrounds

You can shoot pro-quality stills, 360 product views and capture 360 video on pure white and transparent backgrounds with out LED Office System. Send your product shots immediately to Amazon, eBay and your eCommerce websites as well as saving versions for print applications.Easily capture hundreds  of products each and every day.

Simply place an object within the system, the software controls the camera and uses saved settings to compose, capture and view images in real-time.  The 95+CRI  LED lights and the transparent 360 photography turntable are also controlled by the software. 

  • 115 X 100 X 123 CM
  • 31,5 KG
  • TOP SHOTS: 73,5 X 73,5 CM
  • SIDE SHOTS: 73,5 X 73,5 X 83,5 CM
  •  360 SHOTS: 60,5 X 60,5 X 83,5 CM
  • COLOR TEMP: 5700K
  • LED LIFE: 50,000 HOURS
  • CRI: 95+

Simplify and Automate Product Photography

  • Boost photography output
  • Reuse best settings to automate photography
  • Simultaneously save versions of the same image for different uses
  • Create workflows for consistent capture at specific angles
  • Maximise your product display options
  • What you see is what you get image capture
  • Reduce / eliminate image editing
  • Simple to learn and use

Software Workflow

  • Software controls the lights, camera, turntable and entire product photography workflow
  • Create profiles to automate and ensure greater photography speed and consistency
  • Place a product inside. Watch the real time preview change as camera and light settings are adjusted. Click Snap to take a picture or initiate a 360, video or custom capture sequence.
  • Edit, proces and save in batches
  • Save and reuse best camera, turntable and light settings
  • Fast Multi-core image processing
  • Create JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files

Interactive 360 Product Views


The under-lit turntable and dimmable lighting environment takes the work out of creating amazing stills, 360 degree product views and videos. Whether it is for business communication, increasing conversions, decreasing returns or bumping likes, anyone can create web-ready 360 animations and interactive videos in minutes. The included 360 stitching software offers thousands of ways to present your products more effectively. Save your results directly to the cloud for immediate use and sharing.


We have worked with businesses and organisations in all sorts of sectors shooting all sorts of items. Give us a call on 0208 987 2744 and  pick our brains.


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  • Studio 4 QWest 1110 Great West Rd London TW8 0GP
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