Photograph Fashion and Apparel Images for Web

Capture perfect photos of your Fashion and Apparel inventory for use in your catalogue or eCommerce website. Our hardware and software syncs up with your workflow to streamline your process. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views, capture your images with Ortery – perfect, every time.

A Complete Apparel Solution

Get Products Online and in Shopper’s Carts 

Mastering your product photography in a timely manner is paramount in order to keep up with the demands of merchandising your fashion each and every season.

Whether it’s for cataloguing purposes in order to demonstrate your line to prospective buyers or you’re photographing for direct to market on your online store, Ortery has the right equipment and workflow to make it happen.

Invite new customers by expanding the way you display apparel and accessories. Ortery allows you to practically eliminate post production while creating professional stills, 360 and 3D product views on models and mannequins. Ortery’s flat apparel photography solutions accelerate daily throughput by directly achieving transparent and pure white backgrounds.

Increase ease of use, productivity and image consistency while taking pictures that communicate texture and accurate color.

A female model wearing a denim jacket, a red skirt and sunglasses whilst holding a small black handbag. On the left you can see each item in her outfit separately.

Fashion and Apparel is Our Thing!

With over 20 unique photography studio solutions, Ortery has the widest line of computer-controlled product photography automation suites in the market. Imagine having an all in one solution that includes the hardware and software necessary to master thousands of products with little to no photography experience. Whether it’s belts ,handbags or complete outfits, we have a solution which will streamline the photographic process.

Interactive 360 Product Views


Create standard 360 product views or go in-depth by providing annotations, deep zoom, audio and hyperlinks on 360 product displays created with TruView 360. Many of Ortery’s 360 product photography solutions can capture images and create 360 product views on a pure white background, eliminating the extra work involved with image editing.

Still Product Shots Made Simple

Flat Lays to Models

Fashion photography is just as diverse as the fashion industry.

You might be looking to place items on a flat lay table, if you’re a reseller of vintage clothing with thousands of unique items in your inventory.

Conversely, you may only have a few hundred pieces and be interested in modelling them on mannequins or models, so that your customers get a better idea of how the piece fits when it is worn.

Whatever type of images you’re making for your business, there is a solution for you.

Automatic Background Removal

Take the picture and let the software automatically knockout the background. 

Our automatic background removal tools and sophisticated edge detection technologies (with trim and blur options) separate the object from its background, automatically creating a PNG file with a transparent background.

You also have the option of removing the background but keeping the shadow for a more natural look.

Before After White Shoe with grey backgroundWhite Shoe with checkerboard background

Ouput Examples

A black and yellow checkered flannel shirt
A red waterproof coat
A male model wearing a checkered suit and black shirt
A folded light blue checkered shirt
Dark grey sweatshirt

Important Features for Photographing Fashion and Apparel

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