3D Product Photography - Hemispherical and Spherical

Our software creates interactive 3D product views in HTML5 with deep zoom, image tagging and hyperlinks.

From 2D images to Immersive 3D Spins

Shoot Products at Any and Every Angle

Our software automates image capture from up to 10 Canon cameras simultaneously to ensure the fastest possible production.

Multi Arms - 5 to 10 Cameras

Quickly create hemispherical and spherical presentations. 

Combine with one of our turntables to synchronise image capture from multiple cameras with turntable movement.

Camera mounted on a MultiArm. Behind the camera a person is operating a computer.

Quality Hardware

  • Industry leading 2D, 360 and 3D photography automation systems. 
  • More than 70 patents.
  • Engineered for durability and flexibility, our systems combine control of the lighting, movement of the product and control of the camera.
Person looking at monitor with photography software on display

Clever Software

  • Our software is for beginners and photographers, alike.
  • No previous photography experience is needed to achieve professional results.
  • It simplifies the image capturing process and automates repetitive actions in a product photography workflow .

Happy Marriages

MultiArm with several cameras and a turntable together

Multi Arm with 360 Turntable

MultiArm with several cameras and a photography light box together

Multi Arm with LED with Built-In Turntable

Industry Pioneer - Worldwide Success

We created the photography automation industry. Our first light box was patented and ready for sale in 2003, when Canon first announced that third parties could start controlling their cameras via software. Since then, more than 15,000 companies, big and small, have trusted us with their image capture needs.

Integrated Cloud Hosting


With this integrated solution you can save your images, 360 animations and videos you create directly to the cloud, where they can be quickly shared via email, displayed on a web page or used inside an eCommerce website. 

SAAS Photo is the most efficient way to go from image capture to online product display.

Increase Consumer Browsing with Engaging Products

Schedule an online demonstration to learn about the benefits of our MultiArm and Dual View series. Let us answer your questions about photography automation and ability to easily create dual and 3D animation product views.


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