Hardware Technology

We build our products to function and last. It’s not easy. A lot of thought goes into the design. From ease of use and functionality to aesthetics and reliability, each piece is carefully considered. Our design and manufacturing teams have years of experience and it shows in the quality and workmanship of our products.


Lighting and Lighting Control

You cannot take a good picture without the great lighting. It’s the only thing that matters! That’s why we spent the majority of our time on lighting and lighting control.

Light Placement:   Our innovative approach provides the customer with multiple banks of lights that can be independently dimmed. Since we don’t know what product will be taken next, we designed our studios easily put light where it is needed.

Dynamic Range and Incremental Control:   The LED lights in our studios are different. They offer a larger dynamic range and smooth incremental dimming. This gives our customers full control over the intensity of light hitting the product.

Color Accuracy:   Get excellent color fidelity across the entire spectrum. All Ortery products come with LED lights featuring a CRI rating of 95 or higher.

Bottom and Top Lighting:   The ability to light and product from the top and the bottom open up creative possibilities that take product photography to the next level. Bottom lighting makes it possible to capture images on both pure white and transparent backgrounds. Top lighting is critical to bring out the subtle details.

Ortery LiveLight:   This patented feature makes it possible to change the directional intensity of light in real time. By simultaneously controlling several banks of LED lights, our customers can quickly find the best lighting scenario for each unique product being photographed.

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Quality Product Design

Our quality and flexible product designs offer easy-to-use solutions that are built to last.

Image Exposure, Depth of Field, Contrast, Shadows and Reflections:   Our product design allows for each of these to be individually or simultaneously controlled. Know how in material selection, light placement and light control help maximize and control these variables.

Flexibility:   Being first to market often means you get to reap the benefits of the simplest and best design. We did just that and designed our systems to work as they are, but also provide the ability to use them in multiple configurations and for use with different accessories that can aide in efficient and consistent image capture.

Ergonomics:   Often product photography is a monotonous, every day grind. We intentionally make it easy for our customers to consistently place products in the same spot. We made sure the shooting surface was level, the right height and easy to access.

360 and 3D Image Capture

Its one thing to create a solution that takes great still shots. It’s another thing to be able successfully capture images from every angle.  Great care has been taken to ensure our products work well for capturing products in still, 360, 3D and video formats.

Multiple Core Processing:   We take advantage of multi core processing to speed up the whole photography workflow.

Accuracy and Repeatability Our turntables were all made with the ability to capture up to 1024 images per 360.

Innovation:   We patented the ability to drive a transparent product photography turntable from the edge.

Any product, Any size:  With over 30 products, we have a lighting or turntable solution that will fit your needs.


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