Camera Stand

Providing the stability and repeatability product photography requires.  

It’s cast iron construction and 75mm diameter pillar allows a maximum 20Kg load capacity . Change your angle of view simply and increase productivity and save time.

The wheeled base – with lockable brakes – allows easy movement within a photography studio . If, like many of our customers,  you are shooting in an what might be better described as an office or photography area the camera stand can be a better choice than a tripod. Less floor space is required and the trip hazard is reduced.

Our camera stand offers quick, secure and effortless adjustment of your camera’s position. The arm moves up and down easily travelling from 45 to 175cm whilst staying at the same focal length. The pan head allows the camera to be tilted and adjusted without affecting its position in space. Use it with the after-image feature in our software to achieve the same shot, time after time.

Overall Height: 198 cm

Camera mounted on a stand, up close shot


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