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Capture perfect photos of your eyewear for use in your catalogue or eCommerce website. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views, capture your images quickly and easily.

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Eyewear trends are constantly changing, and in order to stay competitive in selling glasses online, you need to make sure you have the right workflow to produce professional product photos at a moment’s notice when the latest styles are released and land in your warehouse. Ortery can help you focus your merchandising efforts with a number of our computer controlled product photography suites.

Not only will you increase speed to market you will also have the ability to capture your products on pure white with little to no post production. Simply place, preview and snap.

Use our unique photography technologies to manage image consistency, create extremely clear product shots and express your products in new ways. Allow customers to interact with your products to gain a deeper understanding using interactive 360, 360 video and 3D formats.

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Glasses can be tricky to photograph and the arms are usually are out of focus. Our focus stacking technology ensures every inch of your product is pin sharp front to back.

Focus Stacking - The straightforward way to get the sharp images that sell

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360 Glasses Photography

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PhotoBench 120

PhotoCapture 360 Turntable

PhotoCapture 360

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