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Create 360 Degree Product Views

Create 360 product views for Amazon, eCommerce or other applications. Use the 360 photo software to build workflows that automate turntable movement, image capture, editing and stitching. It’s easy. No limits or monthly fees. You own it. Unbeatable service and support

  • 38 X 38 X 8 CM
  • 28 AND 38 CM
  • 9 KG


  • 360 Photography Software (Mac / Windows) Controls the Entire Image Creation Workflow
  • Automates 360 Photo Capture, Editing, Stitching and Saving
  • Also Captures Still and 360 Videos
  • Output HTML5, GIF, MOV, MP4, JPG, RAW, PNG and TIFF
  • Smooth, Precise Rotation to Any Angle. Shoot up to 1024 Photos per 360
  • Fast Repeatable Results
  • Full Camera Control with Real time Preview
  • Interactive 360 Animations can be Viewed on All Browsers

360 Turntable Features

  • 9Kg Capacity
  • Full Movement Control via USB
  • 29 and 40cm Diameter Platforms
  • Direction and Speed Control
  • Precise Rotation to Any Angle
  • Accurate and Fast 360 Rotation
  • Easy Centering
  • Accessory Friendly. Use with Larger Platforms and Product Stands
  • No Wobble. Edge Rollers Provide Platform Stability and Even Weight Distribution
  • Built-in 3.5mm Remote Shutter Release Jack

360 Turntable Software Workflow

360 Capture and Editing
Software controls camera settings and turntable movement. The real time preview allows you to quickly centre and compose. Click Snap to capture a video or shoot up to 1024 frames per rotation. Batch edit and crop the pictures you take.

360 Stitching Software
Create 360 product views in HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4. Create the interactive controls and desired look and feel. Control the load style, play style, zoom, watermarking, video intro and ending, button styles, social media links, animation movement controls and more

Maximise Production Speed and Consistency
Memorize your best settings at each step of the workflow and save them as a profile. Reuse the profile to create the next 360 and the entire workflow will be automated

Make Your Website Products Interactive


Light up your website and social media with interactive content. Potential customers always want to see more and offering 360 product views gives them confidence to buy. The 360 animations are responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. We make the 360 animations, videos and GIF files you create easy to share or view online.

  • Free Implementation guide
  • 1 month free hosting on SAAS Photo. Automatically save content to the cloud, then share it by emailing or embedding links into your website
  • Free plug-ins for displaying 360 animations on Magento, Shopify and other eCommerce platforms


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  • Studio 4 QWest 1110 Great West Rd London TW8 0GP
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