Shoot Electronics for Web and Print In-house

Capture perfect photos of your electrical products for use in your catalogue or eCommerce website. Our hardware and software streamlines the process. Whether it’s still images or interactive 360 views you can save time and money by shooting in-house.

Don't let Product Shots Hold up your Sales

In fast moving markets getting your products selling first can make the difference.

Our photography solutions are easy to set up and photograph hundreds of items in a short amount of time. Doing all your photography in-house negates the need of sending out products to a 3rd party to be photographed – that way as soon as a new product arrives, it can be shot and selling before it goes into stock.

Shoot Electonic Products or Parts

Imagine having an all in one solution that includes the hardware and software necessary to photograph thousands of products with little to no photography experience. Shoot individual products or create composites that show everything in the box.

360 Product Spins for Electronics

Shoppers like to see electronics products from every angle. 

Add zoom, thumbnails and hotspots to include text or hyperlinks. Become the most informative shop on the web.

Our turntables and 360 photography studios make creating interactive, 360-degree product views fast and efficient. Each solution includes software to streamline and automate image capture, processing and stitching into a single workflow. And you don’t have to be an experienced photographer.

Interactive 3D Product Photos for Electronics

Beyond still images and 360 views.

With Ortery’s 3D product photography solutions in combination with a 360 turntable, you can capture hemispherical and spherical, interactive product images and animations with ease.

This enhances your customer’s ability to interact with your product for a truly next level experience.

Focus Stacking

Show the product sharp, front to back

Our software puts this advanced technique in reach of everyone. Focus on the front of the product, focus on the back of the product and the software tells the camera to take X shots moving each focussing a little behind the other. These are then comped together in one image that is no larger in size than one of the frames. Stunning results, simply and quickly.

Ouput Examples

Video Graphics card

Photographing Electronics - Key Features

Recommended Products

PhotoBench 120

PhotoCapture 360 Turntable

PhotoCapture 360

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