Hemispherical and Spherical Imagery - MultiArm 4000

Create 3D Product Photography

Create 3D product photos in hemispherical and spherical formats. This turnkey system synchronises picture taking from up to 5  cameras and variable turntable movement. Image capture, processing, editing, stitching and transfer to the cloud are completely automated. Product photography software automates the entire process. Once calibrated, this system does not require the user to tilt or adjust the cameras  – just place an item and streamline 3D product photography.

  • 291 X 83 X 313 CM
  • 255 KG
  • 198 CM
  • 262 X 160 OR 160 X 262 CM

Create 3D Interactive Images

  • Patented technology. Fully automates the creation and 3D stitching of interactive hemispherical and spherical product views
  • Batch editing, stitching and saving
  • Takes up to 800 images in up to 10 rows
  • Accelerates image capture for JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV, MP4 output
  • Hoist Platform ensures a natural looking 3D result
  • Best settings can be saved and reused for increase productivity
  • Compatible Canon cameras fire in sync with turntable movement
  • Software controls the entire process – from product placement and automatic capture to stitching and upload to the cloud
  • Simultaneously control up to 5 Canon cameras
  • Creates 3D product views with any lighting when used with a PhotoCapture 360 turntable
  • Creates 3D product views on pure white backgrounds when used with a 3D PhotoBench or Infinity series turntable
  • Also creates still, video and 360 product views

Hardware Features

  • Each arm features a control box containing power, USB 3.0 and shutter release cables
  • Quickly shoots shoot short and tall objects. No readjusting required.
  • Shoot with any or all cameras, simultaneously
  • Easy Assembly
  • Hydraulic hoist makes hemispherical and spherical image capture easy
  • Keeps cameras equidistant from product center to deliver natural looking 3D views
  • Simultaneous take pictures with up to 5 Canon cameras
  • Patented hardware design
  • Fast. Creates a hemispherical view in one rotation
  • Large, stable MultiArm rig with 78.75” shooting radius
  • Wheels for moving. Legs for leveling
  • Universal tripod heads fit all cameras. Feature tilt, landscape and portrait positioning
  • Excellent Craftsmanship, One-year Free Software Upgrades, One-year Hardware Warranty

Interactive 3D Product Views


  • Standard HTML5 output with plug ins available for main eCommerce platforms
  • Great for eCommerce, quality control, archival and photogrammetry
  • Creative control over animation movement and look and feel
  • Resulting 3D product views can feature deep zoom, hotspots, hyperlinks, and more
  • 3D Animations play in any browser and can be viewed online, locally or on a network


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