Ring Standing Photography System - 3DPB80 Air

Fine Jewellery Light Box with Suction Power

This fine jewellery light box offers several configurations for taking professional photos, videos and interactive 360 product views of all finished jewellery, loose diamonds and gemstones. Software controls the intensity and direction of LED lighting, a compatible camera, 360 turntable movement and all image capture and processing workflows to automate jewellery photography. 

  • 69 X 36 X 74 CM
  • 37 KG
  • TOP SHOTS: 26 X 26 X 21 CM
  • SIDE SHOTS: 26 X 26 X 21 CM
  • 3 KG

Professional Jewellery Photography Solution

The internal design and combination of hardware and software working together make it possible to photograph difficult jewellery items straightforwardly.

  • Capture still images and 360 product views on pure white and transparent backgrounds when using the bottom lit 360 turntable
  • Optional hardware for gem stone dealers shooting loose stones.

Add a hanging turntable to capture still and 360 product views of necklaces and pendants.

  • Bottom lit – Lighting, lighting control
  • Fine Jewellery Photography Software Features

Fine Jewellery Photography Solutions

  • Motorised 360 Product Photography Turntable
  • Variable Color Temp (3000K to 5700K)
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 95+ CRI
  • 11,400 Lumens
  • 20cm Transparent 360 Turntable (1.5KG.Capacity)
  • Advanced lighting control
  • High colour accuracy
  • Accurate colour through the use of colour temperature control and presets to increase colour accuracy when shooting rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and gem stones.
  • Maximum reflection control
  • Uses suction to hold rings up for taking photos, video and 360 product views

Jewellery Industry Photography System

Quality lighting and lighting control are the keys to taking great pictures of jewellery. The internal design and combination of hardware and software working together make it possible to photograph difficult items straightforwardly.

  • Excellent lighting control simplifies jewellery photography
  • Real time preview. See the result before you even take the picture
  • Photography software accelerates and automates jewellery photography
  • Takes web-ready pictures with pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Hardware and software work together to optimise jewellery photography
  • Repeatable and consistent results
  • Great for websites, creating advertisements, social media blasts and more
  • Perfect for shooting photos, videos and 360 views of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and watches.

Fine Jewellery Photography Software

  • Integrated hardware and software automates jewellery photography
  • Create side and top shots with pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Create 360 degree jewellery views on pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Save and reuse your best camera, light, turntable and saving settings
  • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 files
  • The AfterImage feature ensures increased image consistency
  • Automated Focus Stacking makes sure each piece in perfect focus from front to back
  • QuickShot Mode opens a whole new way of shooting jewellery
  • Create profiles to automate still and 360 picture taking, processing and saving

Gemstone Photography System

Shooting loose stones is ordinarly done to show an expert audience features retail customers do not understand.  We provide a version of our jewellery photography system specifically for this. Here are just some of the features that will help you to create professional diamond and loose stone photos.

  • Large real-time preview shows lighting and camera changes in real time
  • View and focus stones at 5X and 10X zoom
  • Capture and immediately send 360 photos to the cloud for hosting and sharing
  • AfterImage ensures consistent product placement
  • Settings for Scintillation, Sparkle, Hearts and Arrows


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