Static Mannequin - Male

8 Part Invisible Mannequin

Our new design offers another choice to photographers. With the option to use just part of the midriff, standing on poles rather than the legs, it’s a great choice for shooting shorts, sportswear and underwear. Every piece is magnetised and locks into place to achieve a tight, smooth fit. Each mannequin has a matte white finish to reduce glare. Includes a wheeled base.

Male mannequin on a transparent background

Benefits and Industry Use

The Shape to Fit your Clothing

When modelling clothes on mannequins, you may have voids where the mannequin does not fill in the item, or blocks where the mannequin is obscuring something. 

This can lengthen time spent on editing and make it more difficult to show your items from different angles.

An invisible mannequin means no voids and blocks.


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