Static Mannequin - Male

9 Part Invisible Mannequin

  • 9 part male invisible mannequin caters for clothing in all sorts of styles
  • Athletic build works well for sportswear.
  • Matte white surface reduces glare and reflections for easier editing.
  • A solid steel base supports the body rigidly. The pieces lock together and magnets help hold them tightly in place. 
  • Wheeled base allows you to move the mannequin to get all the angles you need.

Benefits and Industry Use

Benefits and Industry Use

The Shape to Fit your Clothing

When modelling clothes on mannequins, you may have voids where the mannequin does not fill in the item, or blocks where the mannequin is obscuring something. 

This can lengthen time spent on editing and make it more difficult to show your items from different angles.

An invisible mannequin means no voids and blocks.


Comes with a Fixed Plate Stand with wheels.

Top side of Mannequin base

Standard top

Underside of Mannequin Base

Standard underside


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