Static Male Mannequin

8 Part Invisible Mannequins

Our new design offers another choice to photographers of women’s fashion. With the option to use  just part of the midrift, standing on poles rather than the legs, it’s a great choice for shooting skirts, shorts, sportswear and underwear. Square cut Removable Chest Magnetised pieces to achieve a tight, smooth fit. Finished in the same matte white as the Pro 360 to reduce glare. Includes wheeled base

Benefits and Industry Use


To cater for a wide range of clothing ghost mannequins come to pieces -or rather they can be partially disassembled to produce various rigid shapes. These fill the clothing where it needs to be filled and leaves a void elsewhere. As clothing comes in so many different designs the more flexibility your ghost mannequin has the better. A jacket with a funnel neck needs a different shape to one with a crew neck needs a different one to a V neck and again to a cardigan. In short, the more parts it breaks down into the better.

Our 8-part Ghost Mannequin gives that flexibility. Take a look at the images of how it fits together. Each part is magnetised and locks to its neighbour. We can’t say it caters for every item of clothing a designer can create but it caters for more.


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