Pro 360 5 Arms - Male

15 part Invisible Mannequin

Our unique Pro 360 Male Invisible Mannequin is provided with 5 different sets of arms.

  • Cap Sleeve Arms
  • T-Shirt Arms
  • Short Sleeved Shirt Arms
  • Long Sleeved Shirt Arms
  • Outerwear Arms

Features and Use

A black suit next to an image of a mannequin

The Shape to Fit your Clothing

When modelling clothes on mannequins, you may have voids where the mannequin does not fill in the item, or blocks where the mannequin is obscuring something. 

This can lengthen time spent on editing and make it more difficult to show your items from different angles.

An invisible mannequin means no voids and blocks.

Get All the Angles

All our Mannequins come with a wheeled base so you can easily move them around your photography space.

With a Pro model, you have the option to include a rotatable turntable base.

This allows you to turn your Mannequin to your prefered angle without having to rotate the whole base. 

The turntable is calibrated with degree marks, so you can ensure you get the same angles every time.

Maximum Flexibility

Our Pro range gives you 5 different sets of arms. Each set is of a different length; there’s a set for T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, long sleeves, cap sleeves and outerwear. No other invisible mannequin gives you that amount of choice.






The torso and leg section are also made up of seperate parts that can be added or removed to accommodate different styles of clothing.


Comes in either the Standard Fixed Plate with wheels or Manual Turntable with wheels and levels.

Top side of Mannequin base

Standard top

Underside of Mannequin Base

Standard underside

Top side of rotatable mannequin base

Turntable Top

Underside of rotatable mannequin base

Turntable underside


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