3 metre Photo Turntable -PC 360 Stage

Heavy Duty 360 Product Photography System

Create 360 degree animations of furniture and other large objects with this heavy duty 360 product photography system. Rotating 360 product shots lead to more sales and fewer returns. Its simple. The motorized turntable, 360 photography software and a compatible camera work together to seamlessly capture pictures and turn them into 360 product views and videos.

System Benefits

Software synchronizes picture taking with turntable movement. Users can instantly create videos and interactive rotating 360 product views in MOV, MP4, HTML5, and GIF formats or export individual frames in JPG, TIFF or RAW.

Anyone, regardless of experience, can use this 360 turntable system to create amazing 360 degree product views.

The Right 360 Turntable for Furniture

360 Software Workflow

360 Capture
Software controls camera settings and turntable movement. The real time preview allows you to quickly center and compose. Click Snap to capture a video or 360 animation. Automatically crop and batch edit the pictures you take.

360 Stitching Software
Create 360 product views in HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4. Create interactive controls and the desired look and feel. Select the load style, play style, zoom method, watermarking, video intro and ending, button styles, social media links, movement controls and more.

Increase Speed and Consistency
Memorize your best settings at each step and save them as a profile. Reuse the profile to create the next 360 and the entire workflow will be automated.

Make Your Website Products Interactive


Amaze website visitors and social media followers with interactive content. People always want to see more and offering 360 product views gives them more confidence to buy. The 360 animations are responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. 360 product views are easy to share with others or view online.


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