Same angle, same crop, same position - How to Shoot Professional Product Pages

Tools to Create Consistent Product Images

The After-Image feature makes it easy to increase product shot consistency. By loading a previously captured image and using it as a template objects can be placed in exactly the same spot even though they were shot at different times by different people.

Use it for 360 degree spins and video too

After-Images AKA Ghost Images

Tools that Make Photo Consistency Easy!
How do you get all the shoes to line up at the same angle and fill the same proportion of the canvas. We provide tools like grids, crop, crop and fill, a Centering Laser, and After- image. Set up a profile for a product type and call it to up to make a carbon copy next week, next month or next year. Combine a saved ghost image with saved camera and lighting setting.

Save and use Multiple After-Images

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