LED Still System with Top Light PB 150

Large Photography Light Box and Software

PhotoBench 150 is a large product photography light box with advanced light control and product photography software. Take pro quality shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds for immediate use in eCommerce, print or any application. Quickly create web and print-ready product shots in RAW, JPG, TIFF or PNG formats. No experience necessary.

  • 100 X 100 X 120 CM
  • 114 KG
  • 20 KG
  • TOP SHOTS: 74 X 79 CM
  • SIDE SHOTS: 74 X 79 X 84 CM

Hardware - Put a photo studio in your business

  • Dimmable (5700K) LED lighting
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 95+ CRI
  • Excellent lighting control
  • Accurate Colour
  • Bottom and back lit background sweep
  • Top and side shot capabilities
  • Side door for easy product placement. Use with ghost images.

You can shoot like a Pro

  • Maximize Photography Throughput Speed
  • Automate image capture, editing and saving
  • Automatically Knock Out Backgrounds and Replace them with white or another colour
  • Automatic Background Removal with Option to Display Product with a Natural Shadow
  • Mac and PC software
  • What You See is What You Get Image Capture
  • Simple to Learn and Use

Software to simplify and automate product photography

  • Controls the lights, camera and entire product photography workflow
  • Use workflow profiles to automate and ensure greater speed and consistency
  • The large real time preview on your computer changes as camera and light settings are adjusted..
  • Control, save and re-use best camera and light settings
  • Fast Multi-core image processing
  • Used by Image Professionals and novices alike
  • Output JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW files


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