Static Female Mannequin

8 Part Invisible Mannequins

Our 8 part female invisible mannequin caters for clothing in all sorts of styles. Each mannequin is hand-finished so every mannequin is slightly different.
A solid steel base supports the fibreglass body rigidly through one leg. The pieces lock together and magnets help hold them tightly in place.

  • HIPS
  • 163 CM
  • 83.5 CM
  • 66 CM
  • 92 CM
  • 36.5 CM

BUY £325 +VAT

Benefits and Industry Use

  • 8-part Ghost Mannequin
  • You can specify your ghost mannequin with a solid base for use in our automated photography systems
  • Base with wheels to roll
  • Simple to Use
  • Maximize Photography Throughput Speed

Pink Sweatshot


To cater for a wide range of clothing ghost mannequins come to pieces -or rather they can be partially disassembled to produce various rigid shapes. These fill the clothing where it needs to be filled and leaves a void elsewhere. As clothing comes in so many different designs the more flexibility your ghost mannequin has the better. A jacket with a funnel neck needs a different shape to one with a crew neck needs a different one to a V neck and again to a cardigan. In short, the more parts it breaks down into the better.

Our 8-part Ghost Mannequin gives that flexibility. Take a look at the images of how it fits together. Each part is magnetised and locks to its neighbour. We can’t say it caters for every item of clothing a designer can create but it caters for more.


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