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Windows Software Features

Our version 6 software builds upon the exciting new features found in version 5.

Download it from here

Focus Stacking

Creating images with a sufficient depth of field can be a challenge, especially in Macro Photography where a product is often so close that the entire product cannot be in focus from front to back. The solution is to use our software to automatically take a series of photos from a single position and merge them together to create one pin sharp image. The background can then be removed by using our Background Removal feature.

Background Removal

Our post image-capture background removal feature automatically removes the background from an image to give a transparent background. You can control the how much is removed, you can optionally use a marquee tool to select an area to keep and remove everything outside it. You can also expand or contract the selected area. Then you can save the settings for future use. The finished image can be saved with a transparent background in PNG format, or with a pure white background in JPG format.

AutoBKG Background Removal

Our single-shot background removal feature lets you specify a white threshold while taking the shot. Anything at this tone or lighter will be removed from the image to give a transparent background. The image can then be saved with a transparent background in PNG format, or with a pure white background in JPG format.

AutoBKG Tone Control

Use the Levels feature within AutoBKG to set the 'white point' and 'black point' on the image before you take it. This gives your image a full tonal range at the start of the process, with no need for editing after the shots have been taken.

AutoPNG Background Removal

With our automated backlit systems that include the Fashion Flatshot, LED 360, LED 360 XL and Macro PhotoStudios, you can use our automatic two-shot background removal technique to produce still images with transparent backgrounds. It is ideal for more challenging subjects that may be reflective, transclucent, white or all three.

The software takes 2 images - one backlit, the other front lit and then use an algorithm to remove the background, leaving a smooth edge around the product. The image can then be saved with a transparent background in PNG format, or with a pure white background in JPG format.

PNG Recovery

Users are able to edit PNG files. If part of a subject has been lost with the background removal, or if the camera has kept unwanted background elements, these can be removed from a PNG file using the PNG recovery software. (For LED & Backlight Panel Systems)

Video Capture

Video can show features of an item that an HTML spin cannot. For instance a diamond scintillates as it rotates under the sparkle lamp and it is this subtle fire that defines fine stones.

True Views Integration

If you have True Views software installed then a stitched True Views spin can be specified as an output format at the same point as saving your still and standard 360 files. True Views image import and stitching is no longer a separate process.

After Image

Users can overlay a transparent image from a previous shot to ensure consistent shooting angles when photographing similar products.

AfterImage Naming

You can assign names to your AfterImages and use the search facility to find them. Now up to 200 AfterImages!


AutoPNG processing has been optimised to make full use of your processor.

3D Modelling

Use with our exciting new 3D600 or 3D800 multiple camera arms to capture accurate 3D data and export models in Standard 3D formats including OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS, X3D and STL. Publish straight to BigObjectBase.com for cloud hosting, seamless web and mobile viewing and additional services.

FTP Presets

New FTP uploading settings allow the user to setup multiple profiles for the transferring of images and animations to servers in the background.

Row Preview

If cropping multiple images, you can automatically cycle through them, simulating the finished rotation. This allows you to accurately apply a crop at this point, rather than at image capture.

Highlight Alert

For many products, you may find it useful to use the Highlight tool to make sure that your product is not over-exposed. Once activated, the pure white zones of the picture are shown in black.

Advanced Image Capture

The new advanced 360 feature allows a user to set the 360 image creation parameters once, and then re-use them multiple times. This feature can also be used with an auto-save option in which the user can define multiple outputs including still and rotations with or without watermarks, annotations or a magnifier.

Levels & Curves

Users can edit single images or a batch of images using advanced editing features such as levels and curves. The settings can be saved and automatically applied to other images.

The Levels histogram lets you see the black point (the darkest areas) and the white point (the lightest areas) and set them accordingly. This greatly simplifies the process of ensuring that the background is true 255 white.

Batch Editing

Edit multiple images in just one click. The software allows you to quickly edit all the images that are created in a 360-degree or a 3D animation.

Large Live Preview

Users can view the Live View from the camera in four sizes up to full-screen.

Advanced Saving

Multiple copies of images and rotations can be saved with different parameters using just one click. The user pre-defines the save settings including - file name, iImage size, save location, image resolution and compression. Users can also choose to add a watermark, annotations, magnifier and batch editing presets.

Still magnifier

Users are able to output a still image in HTML with a 3X Magnifying loupe

Connect Multiple Cameras

Attach multiple cameras to speed up image capture. No matter whether you re shooting stills, 360's or 3D animations, the software can simultaneously control multiple cameras placed at different angles to increase image capture efficiency and photography throughput.

Remote Lighting Control

Our LED systems allow you to individually adjust the lighting directly through the software. This gives you the control to accurately expose your product while achieving a pure white background. The light settings can also be saved to automate the process.

Add frames to a 360 image

Add 'Hot-Spots' to a 360 in HTML5 to highlight specific features and give viewers even more information about the products they are viewing.

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