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Installation and Training

If you want to get the most out of your system as quickly as possible let us install your studio and train you and your staff. There are three courses to choose from – pick the one that suits your budget.

Training at our offices

Under this option you set up the system but come to us for training. This is a half day tutorial for up to two people. The studio will have been delivered prior to your training session so you will have some hands-on experience before the course.

Short Course for Box Users

This is a 2 hour course for companies who own a system and have new staff to introduce to the system.

Installation and Training at your office

We will travel to your premises and install the system on your PC correctly. We have travelled all over the UK and Ireland installing systems. Once the system is installed we spend the rest of the day training your people on the use of the system. This covers care of your system, image capture (top shots, side shots, and close-up shots), image annotation and image processing. Once the functionality is understood we will spend time considering your particular image requirements and help you develop your work flow to make the most of the system.

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