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Fashion Flatshot - Perfect for Fashion Photography

This affordable system is ideal for fashion photography or anything suitable for a top shot: signs, pictures, publications, clocks, puzzles etc. It can create images with a pure white background, or use our software background removal algorithm to give a transparent background and leave a smooth edge around the product.

Flatshot Photography Equipment

PhotoStudio Image Creation Software

The software automates the image capture process by controlling and storing the camera settings and output format. This can include filetype, size, editing and save location, and can save multiple versions of these choices, simultaneously.

transparent png
The software features Auto PNG image creation. When the Auto PNG feature is activated, simply press snap and the software automatically detects and removes the background, creating the perfect cut out image.

You can then save your images as PNGs, TIF's or TGA's with a transparent background, or JPGs with a pure, shadow free white background. Or both!

The Fashion Flatshot with its uniform under-lit surface and overhead product lights creates high quality, web-ready images in seconds.

The Fashion Flatshot is software controlled via USB, allowing you to adjust the camera settings and image outputs, when you have found settings you like you can save these as presets. Simply press ‘snap’ and images are automatically sent from the camera to the computer for viewing, editing or printing.

With our ‘one click’ feature, your image is taken and exported in a variety of pixel sizes, file types and image resolutions. Once you have setup these presets your images can be exported just the way you need in a single click!

It doesn’t stop there, this breakthrough image authoring tool creates .PNG/.TIF/.TGA files with transparent backgrounds in seconds. No more cut-outs or masking, allowing you to choose the background image or colour of choice.

Click here for more PNG examples

Create cutout images in minutes
The Fashion Flatshot uses either a single or twin shot techniques to remove the background. The image can then be saved as either a file with a transparent background (PNG, TIF, or TGA) or as a file with a pure white background (JPG or TIF).

Two Sizes of Table
The Fashion Flatshot is ideal for shirts, jeans, jumpers, scarves etc. For larger items such as coats and dresses, there is the Fashion Flatshot XL, which features 4 product lights and a larger backlit table.

Computer Controlled
Our software alows you to pre-position your garment on the light table by displaying the Live View of the camera in real time. You can use this to check composition and exposure. The 'AfterImage' feature allows you to simultaneously see the position of a reference acticle as well as the current one, to check position and styling.

Annotation and Editing Tools
Tools include levels and curves, as well as annotation.

Focus Stacking
Automatically cut out products so that they can be placed on backgrounds of your choice. This would be a time-consuming or expensive chore, but our software does it in seconds. Save the image as a PNG with transparent background or JPG/TIF with a pure white background.

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking

Products an be sharp front to back, even small items like jewellery shot close up.
Our software takes a series of images and compiles them into a single, sharp one.
You can also use it to capture very fine details.

*Focus Stacking cannot be used in conjunction with AutoPNG



Users can overlay a transparent image from a previous shot to ensure consistent shooting angles when photographing similar products.

You can assign names to your AfterImages and use the search facility to find them. Save up to 200 AfterImages!


Automatic FTP File uploading

New FTP uploading settings allow the user to setup multiple profiles for automatic transferal of images and animations to servers in the background.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

Users can edit single images or a batch of images using advanced editing features such as Levels and Curves. The settings can be saved and automatically applied to other images.

You can set the black point (darkest areas) and the white point (lightest areas). This quickly applies the correct contrast for the image and ensures the background is true 255 white.

Advanced Saving

Advanced Saving

Multiple copies of images and rotations can be saved with different parameters using just one click. The user pre-defines the save settings including - file name, iImage size, save location, image resolution and compression. Users can also choose to add a watermark, annotations, magnifier and batch editing presets.

Fast and Efficient Product Photography

Picture taking, image processing and saving are integrated in one software program to eliminate most of the tedious, time consuming tasks. The ClothingPad streamlines product photography workflows to make product photography fast and efficient.  No project is too large or too small. With a Clothing Pad companies can easily create 100’s of publication-ready product shots per day.

Automated JPG, PNG, TIF, TGA and RAW* Image Capture

Software Controlled Photography 
Through USB connections to the camera and studio, users control camera and light settings and take pictures with their mouse.  Ortery image capture software controls and automates every aspect of the photography, processing and saving workflows.
Simply place an object on the ClothingPad. Preview and compose the image on your monitor screen by adjusting object position, crop and camera settings then click Snap to take the picture. The image is automatically downloaded to the computer / monitor for immediate viewing, editing and saving.

Take Product Shots with Transparent Backgrounds
Turn Auto PNG On. Take pictures and automatically knockout the background in real-time.
Our sophisticated edge detection technology generates a PNG, TIF or TGA file where the object has been removed from its background and is displayed on a transparent background.
Like all files with an alpha channel, the transparent background can be replaced with a background of any color or design.
Optimized settings can be reused to increase throughput and productivity.
The Auto Trimming and Smoothing feature ensures a smooth crisp product edge after background removal.

Large Live Preview 
The software displays the content of the camera viewfinder on your computer screen.  The real time preview allows users to conveniently compose their images on a bigger screen and see adjustments to object position, camera settings and crop markers in real time. Essentially, what you see is what you will get.

Use real time preview to set crop markers before taking a picture. Pictures are automatically cropped as they are captured, eliminating the need for post-production. Crop can be set as:

  • Free Form – Adjust crop as required

  • Fixed Ratio – Pre-define an aspect ratio that will constrain the crop to a specific size (ex. 4 x 3)

  • Square – Crop in a perfect square

This feature allows users to overlay a transparent image of a previous shot on the Preview to ensure that future shots are all taken at the same, consistent zoom and angle.

Highlight Alert
When activated, this feature highlights the parts of the picture that will be pure white in the final output.

Auto, Manual and Fixed Focus
Users have the ability to auto focus or manually focus on the camera or manually focus in the software while viewing a real time preview.

Save for Web
Save images at low resolution (72 DPI) for a wide variety of computer and web applications. This feature includes batch image saving, renaming, resizing, watermarking and ftp to a specific location.

Save As
Save images at high resolution (300 DPI) for archival and print applications. This feature includes batch image saving, renaming, resizing, watermarking and ftp.

Advanced Batch Saving
Create and re-use custom saving profiles to batch save images in several formats.  Simultaneously save captured images as a thumbnail, product shot, oversized product shot and as the original master – to different folders with different names, sizes and with other unique parameters. 
Options include:

  • File name - Assign specific names using extremely flexible naming formulas   

  • File format – Still – JPG, PNG and RAW

  • Still Shot Magnifier – Still images can be saved in HTML5 format with a built in Magnifier for viewing image details

  • Save Location - Batch save images to one or more folders simultaneously

  • Image Size - Each image can be independently resized

  • Resolution – 72, 150 or 300 DPI

  • Batch Edit – Auto apply image editing presets

  • Watermark – Apply text or logo watermarks to images for increased protection and marketing

  • Annotate – Include or restrict annotations in the final saved image

Advanced Image Editing Tools 
Includes single or batch color correction tools (including Levels, Curves, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness) and an image masking tool that allows users to select and change background color to pure white or any other color.

Direct Image Export 
Enabling this feature means captured images can be instantly renamed, resized, set to a specific resolution and watermarked before being immediately saved to local or network folder  or opened inside Photoshop or some other image editing program.

Users can upload a logo or chose from a preset logo to be applied to a single or set (batch) of images. Watermarking is a great way for businesses to brand and protect the images they create. This feature is also great for the professional who wishes to send proofs to the customer.

Program Link
Transfer a single image or set of images to any image editing application. Adobe Photoshop is set as the default.

Captured images can be annotated with text and drawings to highlight specific features.  This feature promotes efficient business communication.

Captured image(s) can be instantly attached to an outgoing email. This feature, combined with image annotations, makes an excellent business communication tool. 

*RAW files are saved without any image processing.

Create Product Shots for Websites, Product Catalogs, Publications, Reports, Presentations, Archival and More...

Effective Business Communication
Sales, marketing, engineering, quality control, manufacturing, art design and procurement are just some of the departments that can benefit from this solution

Medical, Research and Evidence Photography
Creates detailed and professional images for the analysis of scientific, medical or forensic research. Focus stacking can reveal high levels of detail where needed

Quality Control
Controlled lighting generates consistent results time after time

Image Database Creation
The Fashion Flatshhot is ideal for quickly capturing and storing hundreds of images per day

Quick eMail and Application Link
Images taken with the Fashion Flatsot software and a compatible camera can be quickly shared with others via email, dropped into any other image editing application or saved to a designated folder

Remote Proofing
Images taken with the Fashion Flatshot can be sent via email direct from the software

The Fashion Flatshot is a product photography tool with the following unique fashion photography benefits:

Computer-controlled photography automates image capture, processing and saving
Captured JPG, PNG and RAW files automatically download to your monitor screen for viewing, editing and saving
Complete Lighting System – Bottom and surround daylight (6500K) lamps are optimized and controlled independently by the software to consistently provide color accurate results on a pure white or transparent background.
This system is simple to use and eliminates the need for image editing
Large Real-Time Preview (See everything before you take it)
Consistent results - Achieve maximum consistently between shots with AfterImage
Full camera control via software for compatible Canon and Nikon SLR cameras
Advanced Saving Mode – Use preset Profiles to batch edit and save images with one-click
Save optimized camera settings and re-use them over and over again
Auto PNG Capabilities – Capture and save PNG files. The photographed object is automatically separated from the background and displayed on with a transparent background. Perfect for adding your own background
Batch editing – Batch apply the results of Levels, Curves and other editing tools to multiple images simultaneously
Pre-crop – Save time by cropping images in the real-time preview before image capture
Watermarking capabilities
If necessary, quickly send images to any 3rd party editor such as Photoshop or to a local or network folder
This is a fast production tool for large and small projects alike
Take, annotate (with text and drawings) and send photos by email in seconds
Long 12,000 and 15,000 hour lamp lives - extra lamps included
Simple Assembly. No tools required
Excellent craftsmanship, free technical support, one-year free software upgrades and one-year warranty


The Fashion Flatshot creates product shots on transparent and pure white backgrounds for the following applications:

eCommerce / mCommerce
Product Development
Product Design
Quality Control
Catalog and other Print Applications
Sales and Marketing Presentations
Digital Asset Management
Product Information Systems
Daily Business Communication

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8 /10 (latest Service Packs) (Administrator account to install)

CPU: Intel Core™ i3 or better


Internet connection with active email account (optional)

Min 2 USB Ports, CD/DVD ROM drive

Fashion Flatshot Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 146 x 130 x 224 cm

Illuminated Area: 126 x 95 cm

Power requirements: 240v

Fashion Flatshot XL Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 230 x 168 x 224 cm

Illuminated Area: 192 x 126 cm

Power requirements: 240v

Package Contents

Light Table

Light Panels

Vertical arm

Horizontal Arm with Universal Tripod Head and Camera Control Box

Installation and Operation Guides, User Guide


Power cord, USB cables, 2 Diffusion Light Covers, 24 Black Hand Screws (4 spare), 4 White Rotation Knobs (1 spare), 2 White Hand Screws (1 spare), 2 Screws (spare for glass frame), 10 Fluorescent Lamps (2 spare), 10 PL lamps (2 spare), 2 Table Diffusion Plates (1 spare), Fabric Table Cover, Canopy (Use optional)

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