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Versatile Still Image Capture System

Swift and intuitive to use, producing high quality images. The six zones of LED lighting and underlit support means white backgrounds and no shadows even for diffcult subjects.



Whitelight XL

LED 360

LED 115


Macro Watch

XL LED Photostudio
Capacity: The large internal volume of our Whitelight XL lets you shoot a huge range of products, from laces to luggage, jewellery to joinery equipment!

Versatility: The toughened glass shelf can be removed and full length diffusers added for taller products

Strength: The toughened glass shelf has a capacity of 20 Kgs

Controllability: The brightness of the six zones of LED lighting can be independently controlled and saved

Repeatability: Our Afterimage feature lets you save the position of a product alongside the Crop, light levels and camera settings - everything you need to ensure your images are consistent across your website

Automatic Cutouts

We have three cutout features within our software:

The first two methods use an algorithm to automatically remove the background as the shot is taken. They differ in how the product is lit, so you can choose the most suitable lighting for your type of product.

The third method removes the background of an existing image to leave your product on a transparent background. It works with jpgs and Focus Stacked images.

You can then save your images as either PNGs with a transparent background, or JPGs with a pure, shadow free white background. Or both!

The shoe below was shot using out AutoPNG feature to produce a PNG file with a transparent background.

Focus Stacking Feature

Creating an extra sharp image of a product from front to back is simple using our software. Our software lets you take multiple photos from a single position and automatically merge them together to create one pin sharp image. Drag the handle to compare the images

The dimmable backlight panel ensures that your images always have a pure white background. The software has advanced features such as Focus Stacking. This overcomes the problems of 'depth of field' when it may be difficult or impossible to get all of your product infocus. Our software can produce images that are sharp from front to back.

The PhotoStudio software lets you preview the image on the computer screen before the shot is taken, take the shot and then edit and save it as a turnkey process. You can save the images as either a PNG with a transparent background or as a JPG or TIF with a white background. You can also save RAW files at the same time.         

The software has a powerful editing module that lets you control the shadows and highlights so that your blacks and whites are not greys. It also lets you change the saturation, hue and colour balance to give you punchy images with accurate colours. You can save any edits as a 'profile' so that you can apply the same edits to subsequent images.

Our flexible saving module lets you save multiple images in multiple formats such as JPG, TIF and PNG, to multiple locations, in multiple sizes, simultaneously. In short - whatever you want, wherever you want!

Add our 360º Turntable to create 360º spins of your products in the universal HTML5 format, to put on your website.

Focus Stacking
Automatically cut out products so that they can be placed on backgrounds of your choice. This would be a time-consuming or expensive chore, but our software does it in seconds. Save the image as a PNG with transparent background or JPG/TIF with a pure white background.

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking

Products an be sharp front to back, even small items like jewellery shot close up.
Our software takes a series of images and compiles them into a single, sharp one.
You can also use it to capture very fine details.



Users can overlay a transparent image from a previous shot to ensure consistent shooting angles when photographing similar products.

You can assign names to your AfterImages and use the search facility to find them. Save up to 200 AfterImages!


Automatic FTP File uploading

New FTP uploading settings allow the user to setup multiple profiles for automatic transferal of images and animations to servers in the background.

Highlight Alert

Highlight Alert

Check that you have a white background and your product isn't over exposed with Hightlight Alert. The pure white areas of the picture are shown in black.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

Users can edit single images or a batch of images using advanced editing features such as Levels and Curves. The settings can be saved and automatically applied to other images.

You can set the black point (darkest areas) and the white point (lightest areas). This quickly applies the correct contrast for the image and ensures the background is true 255 white.

Advanced Saving

Advanced Saving

Multiple copies of images and rotations can be saved with different parameters using just one click. The user pre-defines the save settings including - file name, iImage size, save location, image resolution and compression. Users can also choose to add a watermark, annotations, magnifier and batch editing presets.

Create Product Shots for Websites, Product Catalogs, Publications, Reports, Presentations, Archival and More...

Effective Business Communication
Sales, marketing, engineering, quality control, manufacturing, art design and procurement are just some of the departments that can benefit from this solution

Medical, Research and Evidence Photography
Creates detailed and professional images for the analysis of scientific, medical or forensic research. Focus stacking can reveal high levels of detail where needed

Quality Control
Controlled lighting generates consistent results time after time

Image Database Creation
The XL PhotoStudio is ideal for quickly capturing and storing hundreds of images per day

Quick eMail and Application Link
Images taken with the XL PhotoStudio software and a compatible camera can be quickly shared with others via email, dropped into any other image editing application or saved to a designated folder

Remote Proofing
Images taken with the XL PhotoStudio can be sent via email direct from the software

  • No experience necessary - almost anyone can use the Whitelight XL to create professional-quality images
  • Camera settings are pre-set for obtaining optimal results when shooting items inside the light box
  • Users can Preview, Crop and compose images on their PC monitor screen in real time
  • Focus Stacking gives images that are sharp from front to back
  • Users can pre-set saving parameters so images taken with the Whitelight XL are automatically named, resized and saved to a local or network folder
  • The Whitelight XL reduces photo setup, image transfer and image editing time
  • Batch saving, batch image resizing and image annotation features increase efficiency
  • Images can be exported to 3rd party imaging programs or databases
  • Users can create top and side shot photos from many angles
  • Excellent craftsmanship and one-year warranty and free technical support

What is a PhotoStudio, and how does it benefit your product photography?

The idea behind light box photography is that it is a self-contained unit with zones of lighting built in, that is compact enough to be positioned in the workplace in the optimal position for a fast and logical workflow. Some of our models feature turntables to automate 360 degrees photography and can even be upscaled for genuine 3D photography. Sometimes referred to as a 'photography light box' or 'photo light box' our highly specified PhotoStudios offer control of the lighting and the camera, can produce automatic cutouts and then edit and save the images with a spectrum of options all from within the advanced software that comes with it. The settings can all be saved for reproducability, so that multiple users can take consistent and uniform images.


Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (latest Service Packs) (Administrator account to install)

CPU: Intel Core™ i3 or better


Internet connection with active email account (optional)

Min 2 USB Ports, CD/DVD ROM drive


Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 91 x 150 cm

Maximum Product Size Top Shot: 82 x 74 cm

Maximum Product Size Side Shot: 82 x 74 x 91 cm

Maximum Product Weight: 20 Kg

Power requirements: 240v


XL Light Box.
Utilizes LED lighting split into six zones, including differentiation within the two moveable front lamps, and an illuminated back panel to produce a controllable lighting environment.

PhotoStudio Image Creation Software.
The Whitelight XL software manages digital camera settings, file management and image editing. Also includes: batch saving, image annotation and batch or individual image resizing features.

Full length diffusers for use when the glass shelf has been removed. Free technical support and a one-year warranty with software upgrades.

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