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Shooting Kit

This system enables you to photograph larger items with maximum ease.

Shown here is our Large Lighting Kit. The combination of the turntable, its software, the lamps and background allow non-professional users to produce 360's with the same simplicity as those shooting with a PhotoStudio.

We can supply our 'Invisible Mannequins' that have a transparent pole that disappears in the shot. The mannequins are generally made to the customers specifications, such as 'V' or 'Crew' neck variations.

We also supply transparent Product Tables. These sit on the turntables and allow you to photograph your items on a white background with no cutting out, and we can make these to order if you have special requirements.

We have several different combinations of camera, background and lamps to cater for differently sized items. If you are shooting clothing, furniture, bicycles, electronics, give us a call to discuss which system is right for you.

Shooting Kit with Invisible Mannequin

360 photography equipment


Shooting Kit with Large Product Table

360 photography equipment


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