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Our solutions to handle the largest products or live models combine image capture software and controlled LED lighting.

It is the convenience and simplicity of the compact studios on a bigger scale.

LiveStudio is a combination of LED photographic lamps and software. The lamps are software controlled so there’s no need to walk around your studio to tweak the output, simply adjust the slider. You will instantly see the effect on your monitor – our accurate live preview ensures that. Camera adjustments, via the software, are reflected too.

Combine LiveStudio with one of our turntables for further automation. Turntables are great for creating 360 presentations, but they are also used to repeatedly capture the main angles of a product.

We have different combinations of LiveStudio and turntables to cater for items ranging in weight and size. If you need a system to shoot wide-screen TV’s, motorbikes, furniture or anything that won’t fit in one of the compact systems give us a call.

LiveStudio LED Head

Power Consumption:


Luminous Flux:

>10,000 lm

Colour Temperature:



High-Power LED Module

Dimming Range:


LED life:

60,000 hours

360 photography equipment

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