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As the UK distributors of world-renowned Ortery equipment EME Digital have been at the forefront of digital image creation for ecommerce since 2007. Back then it was our robust and reliable range of just three PhotoStudios that offered consistently lit top and side shots. They automatically processed and edited the images so that they were ready for use on websites by using our proprietary software to give white backgrounds for still images.
Since then EME Digital has progressed from still photography, through 360 spins to spherical spins and 3D modelling. Our product range has blossomed to include a range of standalone turntables, and our PhotoStudios range from small highly configurable units for jewellery all the way up to quite large photostudios for photographing people. Our PhotoStudios are now endowed with integrated turntables, transparent turntables, automatic background removal, focus stacking and multi-zone LED lighting. Our software has also evolved and our new Capture* software can simultaneously control multiple photostudios and cameras.
Throughout the expansion of our range and its capabilities we have maintained the goal of simplifying product photography, so that it can quickly be done in-house without the need for a trained photographer.

EME Digital
Our most popular product, it builds on the legacy of our earliest PhotoStudios. Truly versatile, it is in use photographing footwear, beverages, car parts, giftware, electronics, in fact pretty much anything that fits through the door.

EME Digital
Custom designed for jewellery, it offers specialised lighting, a turntable or watch support as well as multiple access points to allow positioning of small products.

EME Digital
Automating topshot and flatshot photography - cutout images with one click.

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Our offices are in Brentford, close to the A4, M4 and A406. Parking can usually be arranged in advance.

Payment over the phone. We only use your financial information for processing your order - this does not include the storage of financial data such as credit and debit card details; We do not store any financial information.

* Release date Q1 2017

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