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Transparent Backgrounds

PNG’s are heavily used in graphics work, for brochures, catalogues and for web design. You may not even know that you are paying for pngs, your photographer may be charging to cut them out, and your designer may be spending time editing your images. Using our systems you can quickly and easily create an image library of professional images ready for marketing use.

You can even place several products in our PhotoStudio and our software will take one PNG and then save all the seperate products as individual files! See the video here:

These new features have the potential to cut costs and many hours of post production – you can create the images previously cut-out by hand, automatically!

transparent png

A choice of three routes to a transparent background

The first two methods (supplied with most of our backlit PhotoStudio and Fashon Flatshot systems) use an algorithm to automatically remove the background as the shot is taken. They differ in how the product is lit, so you can choose the most suitable lighting for your type of product.

The third method will remove the background of your existing image, leaving your product on a transparent background. It works with jpgs and Focus Stacked images and all of our systems can use this feature.

You can then save your images as either PNGs with a transparent background, or JPGs with a pure, shadow free white background. Or both!

Benefits of Transparent Backgrounds:

  • arrow iconUse a background colour of your choice
  • arrow iconAdd shadows or reflections
  • arrow iconCreate photo montages for catalogues or web pages
  • arrow iconSave time and costs against manual clipping
  • arrow iconCreate a library of web ready images in seconds

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