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Cut-out Service

How It Works:

We have made cut-outs simple.

1. We set you up with an online account. Once logged in, simply use the upload button to select your folder of images for clipping.
2. The images are then sent to us.
3. It’s recorded in your account as a job – you can see the images you have sent and manage your account.
4. We hand draw the path around the image and then send the cut-out image back to you. (Hand drawing means the quality is as good but probably better than you’ll be getting at the moment.)
5. Then pass the images to your printer or designer.

Simple as that!

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Cut costs with our cut-outs

You could be paying up to £20 for each image your graphic designer cuts out. We charge just a pound or two, depending on any retouching needed. If your catalogue or brochure shows 200 products then you can reduce your production budget by thousands of pounds. Cut-outs or clipped images are a time consuming part of the design process but essential if you want to show the product against a white background. The images on the right show the original shot and how a clipped image is used. Cut out images can be put against any background.

Need advice on how to take photos for the cut-out service?

We cut-out the shots taken in the box as well as shots taken by any digital camera.

If you are using your own digital camera we can give you some tips to make sure the images you send us will produce the best finished result. As there are many variables it is best to give us a call to discuss the format of the shots.

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