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Image Presentation

You can capture and present your images on your website in any of our range of formats.

Still Images

All our systems produce high quality still images. Anyone can capture pictures suitable for website, screen presentation or for print in brochures, catalogues and advertising.

We can create focus stacked images to get the focus sharp from front to back, and 'AutoPNG' automatic cutout images with a transparent or pure white background.

Stills can be saved as jpg, png, tif and raw* formats. *raw files have fewer editing options than other formats.

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New in V5

360º Images

A 360 lets your browsers see all around your product. No more do browsers have to click through image after image ( if they are there) to find the view they want. Buying on line is a matter of trust and using 360's show you have nothing to hide.

We can create three 'levels' of 360: a standard rotation, a rotation with 3X magnification, or a rotation with 1:1 pixel zoom and tagging.

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New in V5

Deep Zoom 360º Cylindrical, Hemispherical and Spherical Images

The closest you can get to the experience of picking up the item from the shop shelf. Not only can you rotate your product, but you can turn it over to see the top and bottom, then zoom in on the detail.

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Adidas Blue Trainer
We can capture and export models in standard formats compatible with existing 3D modellng packages (OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS, X3D and STL), and then be sent to our HTML viewer.

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