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3D600 - 3D Modeling for Small Sized objects

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360 photography training

Create 3D models using 360-degree photographs. PhotoModeling 3D600 is a complete solution that automates and simplifies the entire process from image capture to publishing. 360-degree picture taking is synchronised with turntable movement, lamp control and projector On/Off. Captured images are seamlessly passed to our photogrammetry software for model and colorful texture map generation. Results can be immediately exported in common 3D formats or published in the cloud.

  • Ideal for smaller objects, 3D600 utilises 2 compatible Canon dSLR cameras and includes:
  • Flexible Two-Arm Camera Stand
  • Integrated Pico Image Projector and 3 Calibration Mats
  • Control Image Capture, Structured Light and Lighting Automatically
  • Creates 3D print-ready closed meshes (no holes)

  • Create professional 3D models using the speed of photogrammetry and the accuracy of structured light scanning. PhotoModeling 3D600 maximizes image capture efficiency, reliability and 3D model accuracy. This end-to-end solution makes creating and publishing 3D models fast and simple.

    Photography-Based 3D Model Creation

    • Easy to Use - Familiar camera technology and standardized workflows make it easy for people with little to no 3D modeling experience to use. Software and hardware integration automates each step of the modeling process.
    • Automatic Background Removal – Combine 3D600 with 3D PhotoBench 160 or 260 to automatically capture images with transparent backgrounds and dramatically increase 3D modeling speed and accuracy.
    • Reliable, High Throughput – The 3D600 is designed to reduce variables and increase modeling speed. It collects the minimum amount of information necessary to create an accurate model, every time.
    • Standard Export and Immediate Cloud Publishing - Export Models in Standard 3D formats including OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS, X3D and STL.

    Extensive Feature Set

    • Surface Generation Tools
    • Professional Image Quality
    • Geometry Editing Tools
    • Automated Image Capture and Processing
    • Combine Multiple Scans
    • Possible Pure White / Transparent Backgrounds

    Colorful Texture Maps

    Automatically create 4096 x 4096 (16 megapixels) colorful texture maps using patented photo blending capabilities. Colorful texture maps provide a more realistic object view.

    Create Professional Still and Interactive 360-degree Product Views

    In addition to 3D models, 3D600 can create Professional Stills and Interactive 360 Animations in HTML5 and GIF file formats.

    3D Print

    Creates 3D print-ready closed meshes (no holes)


    Models can be created from multiple object orientations with typical digitization accuracy of 1:2000 or +/- 0.5mm per meter.

    Place an object on the turntable. The software will guide you step-by-step through the process. Depending on the studio used, after entering the basic calibration and image capture parameters the software can automate almost the entire model creation process. Settings can be re-used for increased productivity.

    Professional Results

    The photogrammetry software creates a high quality triangle mesh model (the solid geometry onto which texture maps will be added). Tools are provided for editing the surface. The geometry can also be edited manually in a 3rd party editor.


    Export 3D Models in common formats (Collada, X3D, 3DS, OBJ and STL) for 3D print and editing in other 3D authoring applications.

    The Model Imported into 3D Studio Max.

    Image Capture:

    Computer-Controlled Photography System

    Everything is plugged into the 3D600 so software can integrate light control, camera control, turntable movement and projector on/off to automate image capture, simplify and accelerate 3D model creation.

    Automated Workflow for Creating 3D Models

    The 3D600 system controls or eliminates many of the variables associated with creating 3D models. The 'Create 3D Model' button in the software memorizes capture preferences and re-uses workflow parameters to streamline model creation.

    Interactive Image Composing

    Camera viewfinder content is displayed live on your monitor screen so you can adjust and see every detail before taking a single picture. Full camera control via software for Canon dSLR cameras.

    Automatic Image Capture and Processing

    Regardless of the Ortery turntable or studio in use, turntable movement and picture taking are synchronized to capture 360 product views of the calibration mat, object and object with structured light.

    System Specific Features

    The 3D600 can be used with a PhotoCapture 360 turntable plus Photosimile 50 / 200 or with a 3D PhotoBench 160 / 260. Each of those solutions comes with its own set of hardware and software benefits that will be available in the combined system.


    The 3D PhotoBench Series (160 / 260) features the ability to create pictures and 360 product views on transparent backgrounds. Sophisticated edge detection technology allows the program to automatically knockout backgrounds in real-time.

    Create Professional Still and 360 Product Views

    In addition to 3D models, create professional still and 360 product views in JPG, RAW, PNG, TIFF and HTML5 and GIF, respectively.

    3D Modeling:

    Intuitive User Interface - Each stage has a wizard to help you achieve the best possible result.

    Create Professional 3D Models with Colorful Texture Maps Using a Photography-Based System

    Integrated Hardware / Software Solution Limits Variables and Accelerates Model Creation

    Flexible Two-arm Camera Stand Features Built-in Turntable, Camera, Lighting and Projector Control

    Re-Usable Standard Operating Workflow Simplifies and Accelerates Image Capture and Model Creation

    Automated Image Capture and Processing

    Outputs Standard Formats Compatible with Existing 3D Modeling Packages

    Simplified and Advanced 3D Workflows for Professional and Novice Use

    Interactive Geometry and Texture Map Editing

    Works with Multiple Canon dSLR Cameras

    Fast, Precise Wireframe Generation and Surface Optimization Features

    Point Cloud Generation with Automatic Registration and Noise Removal

    Multiple Scans Can Be Combined

    Viewer Support for All Major Browsers; iOS & Droid Apps Available

    Create Professional Stills, 360 Product Views (HTML5) and 3D Models with One System

    AutoPNG - When Used with 3D PhotoBench Images can be Automatically Captured with Transparent Backgrounds

    Automated and Manual Image Masking Capabilities

    Subdivision Surface Fitting and Interactive Mesh Decimation

    System Requirements

    PhotoModeling 3D600

    OS: Windows 7 / 8 (latest Service Packs)(Administrator Account for all Windows OS)

    CPU: Intel Core™ i3 or better

    RAM: 4GB

    Internet connection with active email account (optional)

    Min 2 USB Ports, CD/DVD ROM drive

    System Components

    PhotoModeling 3D600 – Flexible three-arm camera stand

    Pico Image Projector and SD Card with Structured Light Templates

    USB cord, Power Cord

    2 White Rotation Knobs (M6 x 20)

    2 White Rotation Knobs (M8 x 24)

    2 Spare Black Hand Screws

    2 White Round Product Stands

    #12 Allen Key, Registration Sheet and Cable Ties

    Operation and Installation Guides

    To run on a Mac you will need an Intel based Mac and a copy of Windows to run under OS X Boot Camp, VMware or install Parallels Desktop.

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